Buy A Glamping Dome House Tent For Your Campsite!

Under the maple trees and by the lake, Luna Glamping Site has created a unique glamping dome house. In this place you get special food, scenic spot sightseeing, leisure travel, outdoor sports. It can give you extremely glamping enjoyment! Under the starry sky, live in a geodedome, lie on a big comfortable bed and count the stars. Although the area of 20 foot geodesic dome is only 28.26 square meters, but it has complete equipment. The top of the glamping dome house directly above the bed is a transparent skylight, which can be switched on and off remotely, so you can look up at the stars when lying in bed.

The interior of the geodedome is odorless. On the one hand, the glamping dome house can open the door to ventilation. On the other hand, the production of geodedome has been specially made to isolate the mosquitoes and insects breathable window. The glamping dome house is made of high-strength hot galvanized steel frame support, the outer tarp covered with PVC coated cloth, UV insulation and flame retardant, but also can do sound insulation cotton to decorate the inner layer to ensure winter warmth and summer cool.

It’s the outdoors glamping, but not in the way you might think of the outdoors. This is what glamping brings to our experience, so what are you waiting for? Buy a glamping dome house tent for your campsite!

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