Mixed Tent

Our Mixed Tent is a testament to architectural innovation, seamlessly blending various tent styles to create a bespoke structure that stands out. By joining high peak tents with regular A-frame units and integrating polygon or spire tents, we offer a versatile solution that caters to the unique demands of your event. Ideal for high-end, luxurious outdoor activities, the Mixed Tent guarantees an extraordinary visual appeal and a memorable experience for guests.

Exceptional Features:
  • Dynamic Combination: Merge different tent styles, including high peak and A-frame tents, to craft a unique, eye-catching space.
  • Strong and Durable: Constructed with hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy (6061/T6), ensuring robustness and resilience against wind load of grade 10-12.
  • Weather-Resistant: The PVC-coated polyester fabric offers waterproof, fire retardant, and anti-aging properties, ensuring your event goes on, no matter the weather.
  • Versatility: Perfect for a range of high-end events, from elegant weddings to grand corporate gatherings and exclusive outdoor activities.
  • Customizable: Tailor the tent’s design, size, and features to match the specific requirements and theme of your event.

Mixed Tent Size Options

Options to Suit Every Space

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Profile size Longest Component
10m 3.95m 8.26m 5m 203*112*4mm 5.6m
15m 3.95m 8.88m 5m 203*112*4mm 8.1m
20m 3.95m 9.67m 5m 250*120*4mm 10.7m

Available Options

Customized your TFS Curved Tent with our accessories

Glass Wall

ABS Wall

Sanwich Wall

Clear Window

Double Glass Door

Rolling Gate


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