Tiny House Venus Safari Tent – Create A Accommodation Way To Stay Close To Nature!

How long has it been since you felt the breeze rustling? How long has it been since you’ve seen the silent, vast starry sky? Fresh air, beautiful environment, being in nature can always gives people a sense of relaxation and leisure. Why not come here to close nature in the Venus Safari Tent?

The area of Venus Safari Tent is not large, but the shape is special, from a distance, like a group of small elves in the forest, attracting people want to go to explore. The Venus Safari Tent is more mini, giving a more cozy feeling. As the saying goes, “small but complete”, the tent should have all the facilities inside.

The interior of tiny house safari tent is surrounded by custom-made furniture and the bed is equipped with a warm mattress, allowing visitors to feel as comfortable as home while camping outside, creating a comfortable and romantic camping experience and allowing travelers to enjoy every good night. Although the interior of the tiny house safari tent is full of furniture, the furniture is carefully designed by interior design, and the furniture is reasonably placed and stored so that more space can be freed up inside.

The interior has enough space to accommodate1-2 people for daily activities. Of course, if visitors are not satisfied with the layout we provide, our Venus Safari Tent supports custom design, and visitors can go through this process to match a kind of interior layout they like by themselves.

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