Outdoor Marquee Mixed Tents Are More Interesting Than Hotels!

Experience the cutting-edge TFS Curved Tent, uniquely designed to offer a blend of modern aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. Ideal for a myriad of events, its distinctive curved shape not only stands out but also provides enhanced durability and space optimization.

Outdoor Marquee Mixed Tents Are More Interesting Than Hotels!

The luxury wedding party mixed tent is to combine various styles of tents without affecting the stability of the tent. They can be pagoda tent, polygon tent, arch tent and a shape tent, so as to form a multifunctional tent with unique shape.

The huge size of the wedding party mixed tent enables the event organizers to divide the floor space into multiple partial functional areas to meet the richer and more attractive experience of tourists.

If you want to organize a trade exhibition, press conference, wedding or concert, hybrid tent will be a perfect and fast solution. You don’t need to rent the whole lobby of a luxury hotel. You only need a large enough area, which can be a large lawn, beach or an open square to accommodate the mixed tent.

Outdoor marquee mixed tents are more interesting than hotels. On the lower floors of the hotel, the turbid air will make participants feel an indescribable sense of depression. On the contrary, the mixed tent is integrated with nature. Participants can feel the comfort of sea breeze and smell the fragrance of green grass. Whether outdoors or indoors, it is more relaxed and happier.

The width of the frame tent ranges from three meters to forty meters. As a module, the length can be increased by 3 meters or 5 meters. The activity organization can increase the length of the mixed tent according to the number of participants, table and chair placement, dance floor and other factors.

We have a variety of additional equipment to choose from, such as insulation wall, door and glass exterior wall, curtain and top. Mixed tent structures are developed and designed by experienced professionals. They design the most suitable scheme for customers according to the needs of users, local climate and site. These external factors are crucial when countries organize activities in winter. The framework tent is flexible and can provide different solutions according to various factors.

The use of outdoor wedding party tents has become a popular trend, which can not only provide more seating space, but also create a better atmosphere for wedding party. Learn about Yuntu outdoor tent products and provide the best solution for your restaurant or bar.

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