A-Frame Marquee

Our A-Frame Marquee is not just a shelter but a versatile and elegant solution for any outdoor event. Durable, customizable, and easy to install, it ensures your gathering is memorable and protected, regardless of the weather. Elevate your next event with our exceptional marquee.

Product Description:

Our A-Frame Marquee stands out as the epitome of outdoor elegance and practicality, perfect for an array of events and gatherings. With its distinctive A-shaped design—high in the middle and tapering to the sides—this marquee combines aesthetic appeal with structural efficiency. Its spine-like silhouette not only adds a touch of sophistication but also enhances the interior spaciousness, making it ideal for any event, big or small.
Constructed with the finest materials, the frame is crafted from hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6, known for its strength and durability. The covering material is no less impressive, utilizing 850g/sq.m black-out double PVC-coated polyester fabric, ensuring complete waterproofing, flame retardancy (DIN4102 B1, M2), and UV resistance. This robust combination can withstand wind speeds up to 100km/h, offering peace of mind regardless of the weather conditions.

A-Frame Marquee Size Options

Our A-Frame Marquee is available in a range of sizes to suit every need, accommodating widths from 3 meters to an expansive 60 meters. 

  • Profile Gable Span Side Height Angle Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
    S3 48*84.2*3mm 3m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
    S4 48*84.2*3mm 4m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.35kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
    S5 48*84.2*3mm 2.5m+2.5m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.3kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
    S6 48*84.2*3mm 3m+3m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.25kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
    S8 48*84.2*3mm 4m+4m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.5kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
    S10 48*84.2*3mm 5m+5m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.15kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
    S12 48*84.2*3mm 3m+3m+3m+3m 2.6m 20° 3m 0.15kN/㎡ 0.1kN/㎡
  • Profile Gable Span Side Height Angle Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
    M10~M20-150 120*150*3mm 10~20m;5m 3m/4m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    M10~M20-166 88*166*3.5mm 10~20m;5m 3m/4m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    M10~M25-200 120*200*4mm 10~25m;5m 3m/4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    M10~M25-203 112*203*4mm 10~25m;5m 3m/4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    M15~M30-250 120*250*4mm 15~35m;5m 4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
  • Profile Gable Span Side Height Angle Unit Interval Wind Load Snow Load
    L20~L40-300 120*300*5mm 20~40m;5m 4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    L20~L50-350 120*350*5mm 20~50m;5m 4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    L20~L50-350A 120*350*6mm 20~50m;5m 4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡
    L40~L60-400 120*400*6mm 40~60m;5m 4m/6m 18° 5m 0.55kN/㎡ 0.3kN/㎡

What make us different

Built with Quality and Safety in Mind

  • High-Quality Materials

    Utilizes top-grade aluminum alloy and double PVC-coated polyester fabric for durability and protection.

  • Weather Resistant

    Waterproof, flame retardant, and UV resistant, capable of withstanding 100km/h wind speeds.

  • Versatile Design

    Suitable for a wide range of events, from sports games to ceremonies.

  • Customized

    Optional accessories include various sidewalls and roofing options, glass walls, and more.

  • Easy Installation

    Designed for quick and straightforward assembly and dismantling.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our marquees are designed with sustainability in mind, using materials and processes that minimize environmental impact.

Industries We Serve

Our A-Frame Marquee is the ideal solution for creating memorable settings for a variety of events. Its versatility and elegance make it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

  • Wedding

    Celebrate love under the sophisticated silhouette of our A-Frame Marquee, creating an enchanting backdrop for your wedding festivities.

  • Exhibition

    Elevate your exhibitions and showcases in our A-Frame Marquee, providing a distinguished and flexible space that adapts to highlight your displays and captivate your audience.

  • Warehousing

    Maximize your storage capacity with our durable and spacious A-Frame Marquee, perfect for temporary or permanent warehousing needs.

  • Logistics

    Streamline your logistics with a flexible, robust A-Frame Marquee, ideal for sorting, distribution, or temporary holding areas.

  • Sports

    Accommodate spectators, host events, or provide shelter for outdoor sports activities with the versatile and spacious design of our A-Frame Marquee.

  • Government

    Provide dependable, adaptable spaces for government functions, emergency response centers, or community events with our sturdy A-Frame Marquee.

Available Options

Customized your A-Frame Marquee with our accessories

Glass Wall

ABS Wall

Sanwich Wall

Clear Window

Double Glass Door

Rolling Gate


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