Aluminum Frame Luxury Mixed Wedding Tent For Outdoor

Experience the cutting-edge TFS Curved Tent, uniquely designed to offer a blend of modern aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. Ideal for a myriad of events, its distinctive curved shape not only stands out but also provides enhanced durability and space optimization.

Aluminum Frame Luxury Mixed Wedding Tent For Outdoor

Everyone will attend many weddings in their lifetime, and most wedding receptions are held in fixed buildings, in a single form, without any creativity or surprises. Luxury mixed wedding tent with its unique characteristics of mobility and convenience, and completely personalized design and decoration, so that every wedding has a unique style, and write your fairy tale love.

The span of Yuntu mixed wedding tent is from 6 meters to 40 meters, and the height is from 5 meters to 15 meters. It is often used for parties, weddings, press conferences and festival activities, etc. It can be built without the approval process of building land, it can be removed after use, like moving to another place for further construction and use, which is convenient, fast and low cost.

In terms of design appearance, the mixed wedding tent is more diversified features, such as the mixed tent with frame tent and pagoda tent, or the diamond tent with frame tent and multi-side tent. The unique spire shape and diamond shape create an understated atmosphere. In such a mixed wedding tent held the wedding or propaganda, I believe that everyone who attended the wedding will feel surprised.

The luxury mixed wedding tent commonly used PVC synthetic fiber tarpaulin made of tarpaulin, according to different needs, mixed wedding tent can also be equipped with right semi-transparent tarpaulin, fully transparent tarpaulin, color tarpaulin, tarpaulin spray painting, etc.. And it can also be customized according to customer needs. The wall of the canopy room can choose PVC tarpaulin, glass wall, ABS wall, sandwich wall and so on.

In mixed wedding tent, Yuntu can provide a series of supporting tent room accessories and decorations, such as curtain, banquet table and chair, wood floor, etc., adding more color for your wedding, wish you a colorful life.

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