Can A Tent Build An Indoor Sports Arena?

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Can A Tent Build An Indoor Sports Arena?

Can a tent build an indoor sports arena? The reasons are explained below,

1.Easy Approval

First of all, whether it is a football arena tent or a swimming pool tent, it is a temporary building and the approval process is convenient. Yuntu Tent can provide different ground erection fixing methods, such as: grassland, riverside, desert, beach etc.

2.Reliable Material

The Herringbone Roof Tent, TFS Curved Tent, Polygon Tent used in sports stadiums are combined structures. It can customized the span size from 10-60 meters. The length of the canopy can be extended by 5m spacing combination, which can meet the needs of various sports in space. At the same time the top of the tent will be as high as 6-12 meters, without any column in the center of the venue.

3.Building Quickly

In the off-season, if the venue is closed, the assembled sports arena tent can be dismantled quickly. After dismantling, it can be used twice, because after dismantling all kinds of standard spare parts, it can be easily installed again.

So, I’m sure you already understand the benefits of using an assembled tent building to create a sports venue. Compared with traditional fixed sports tents are faster to build, cheaper to construct, moveable, etc. The aluminum tents are currently the best choice for building indoor sports venues. Choose Yuntu Tent, we will provide you with the design plan of sports venue tent!

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