Outdoor Celebration Party Tent In Moscow

Misson: Set up a temporary Party Tent for the year-end celebration of an enterprise in Moscow.


Solution: Yuntu designed and built a 15x30m Party Tent for this commercial activity as a bar performance area. The whole party tent is equipped with power system and heating system to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. The party tent roof is equipped with lighting system to ensure the atmosphere of indoor performance. Use glass and ABS hard plastic board as the wall of the tent. Interior decoration includes lining and curtain, carpet floor. The whole party tent is installed on the platform, and the distance between the platform and the grass ground is about 250px, which can effectively prevent water from flowing into the tent from the outside and fix with ballasting system. At the same time, several pagoda tents have been built as exits, check-in offices and cloakrooms.


Outdoor Celebration Party Tent – Yuntu achieved perfect results in this business activity, completed the delivery on schedule and received good comments from customers.

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