Transparent Polycarbonate Bubble Tent Domes – Clear Dome Tent For Glamping

Nandan Mountain covers an area of 60 square kilometers. It is the only subtropical rain forest in the Pearl River Delta and can be called a natural oxygen bar. With its unique natural resources, YunTu has created a number of projects suitable for parents, children, friends and lovers according to the owner’s plan.

Yuntu built a 12 meter high triangular glass igloo house as a cafe, accompanied by blue sky and white clouds, with continuous peaks in the distance, Cafe Ins style is very popular with tourists. Take photos and punch in.

In addition, YunTu has built 25 fully transparent bubble glamping dome tent with bathroom, with the vast blue sky above and 360 ¡ã beautiful scenery, and natural hot spring pools installed in each room. It is made by transparent polycarbonate sheets, which it stronger and luxury. YunTu use colorful curtains as glamping dome tent interior decoration, clear PC glamping dome tents romantic style and INS style are deeply loved by young people, lovers and families.

Not only glamping dome tent for living, but also it can used for coffee shop or dinning room as restaurant. The glamping site has a complete range of amusement facilities, including amusement parks in the forest, glass suspension bridges, canyon flying cables, colorful slideways, flying over the jungle and a variety of amusement projects, which meet the needs of tourists. This is one of YunTu’s most successful projects among many glamping projects.

The transparent bubble glamping dome tent is perfect for your guests to staying during cold and dark winter evening. Let your glamping site becomes the popular one by following the coolest trends.

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