Geo Domo Tent | A True Paradise Glamping Site!

This glamping site located in China, which is a continental monsoon type plateau climate, no wind and no summer heat, this is a summer resort, beautiful flower fields and sea of grass worth you to visit. Horse riding, archery, beach motorbikes, a children’s playground and a wide variety of people’s preferences can all be met, while relieving the depression of living in the city for too long.


There are 61 geo domo tents of different colors at Taoyuan Lodge look like white round home on the grasslands from a far, and at first glance, you will be captivated. The north European type of domo tents or pole tents are very distinctive. Wooden platforms are erected, independent portals, observation points are raised and distances are stretched, allowing for a more perfect view of the grasslands and an experience of the charm of the Seaside. When night falls, the lodge transforms into a city that never sleeps. The lights are bright and the night is fascinating, so it’s no wonder that people who have been to that glamping lodge say that the night scenery there is always a sight to behold.


The quiet, comfortable, tranquil and fresh safari tents are a choice for a home trip or a resting place, each standard safari tent can accommodate 1-2 people, depending on the size of the tent and the number of guests in the tent. The main function is to protect against wind, rain, dust and moisture, providing a relatively comfortable resting environment for campers.


Luxury glamping, romantic and serene star geo domo tent, open one of the doors and windows to peek out, the starry sky into the eyes, let people fall into a reverie, put aside worries for a while, enjoy the moment, beautiful moments. Yuntu glamping dome tent is a steel structure with PVC canopy assembly, can be used as a semi-permanent building, very durable, geo domo tent can be used in the desert and other dry environments, also be used in the woods and other relatively wet environment, which meet the moisture, fire and other requirements. At night under the stars, a white round tent is illuminated by lights, no wonder the public agrees that the Glamping Geo Domo Tent – a nature paradise.


So, if you can’t go to northern European for the time being, then take a look at the stars under the greenhouse geo domo tent at the Taoyuan Mountain Resort!

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