Luxury Staying Glamping Safari Tents On The Mountains

This project is located in Beizhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing. Unlike the simple lawn tent, the selling point of the glamping site here is the “high-altitude” Glamping Safari Tents experience. Yuntu Tent produce 5x7m and 5x9m Safari Tent Glamping, which it can suitable for diiferent guests and family living.The scattered Glamping Safari Tent is dotted in the deep mountains. The stars lit by each luxury glamping safari tent in the evening illuminate the whole valley, which is very beautiful.

Glamping Safari Tents is divided into many areas. The peach blossom area and rose area have the best scenery. Their night scenery is the most perfect. The night is full of stars, which is very amazing. When you’re lucky, you can see glittering fireflies.

In the morning, the song of birds wakes you up. When you open the curtain of Glamping Safari Tent in the morning, you will be fascinated by the scenery in the mountains, the wind rustles in the woods.

The glamping site provides entertainment facilities such as open-air movies, mountain forest concerts, children’s playgrounds, small zoos, swimming pools, breakfast and dinner services, dinner barbecue buffet.

Yuntu completed this Glamping Safari Tents project, it is perfectly and won wide praise from the investors. 

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