Dome Tents – Bringing Wild Luxury Accommodation Experience Under The Starry Sky

The glamping site in the city is composed of several. Highland grass, boundless greenery with sheep grazing, boundless starry sky, reach out to pick the stars. The glamping site mainly consists of dome tents and safari tents. It¡¯s full of flowers and green grass, and the tents and the beautiful scenery intermingle to depict a unique beauty.


The main structure of the dome tent is made of high-strength hot galvanized steel pipe. The size is customized according to customer needs, but the general diameter is limited to a maximum of 40 meters. The cover of dome tent is PVC coated fabric which meets the national environmental protection standard. 850g/sqm white fabric is normally used for about 5-8 years, with fireproof and UV protection, and the hot galvanized steel pipe is used for 8-10 years without problems. This ensures the stability of the entire dome tent, but also makes it more beautiful and more ideal for wind resistance (normal fixation can resist 11 typhoons)


No matter you are planning start your Glamping business or you want to expand your currently Glamping business,YunTu Tent definitely is one of your best choice. Please feel free to contact us!

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