360° View Eco Hotel Bubble Dome Tent, Let’s Start Viewing!

Perhaps you have seen the wind and the sun under the ten miles of painted walls, or you have been close to the new rain after the Seaside Lake …… but you must not have seen the 360¡ã fully transparent dome tent under the bubble house. Qionghai bubble dome tent is located in Hainan’s first starry sky bubble greenhouse, to a date looking up at the stars!

When tourists stay in this bubble dome tent will find that, especially at night, customers lying in bed will be able to see the vast starry sky, such a view other hotels can not provide, the starry sky at night in particular, especially gorgeous, you know that many cities are now because of environmental pollution problems, it is difficult to see the beautiful starry sky at night, stay in the bubble dome tent, will definitely be a romantic thing.

The outdoor bubble dome tent door on the board can also be laid on the carpet, whether it is placed on the coffee, desserts, as afternoon tea or night with girlfriends to watch the stars. In the bubble greenhouse, the entire star room is fully transparent 360¡ã, no matter from which angle you can enjoy the surrounding woods scenery. The Bubble Dome Tent is not only a place for people to stay, but also a house for every family to have a warm and close to nature.

In terms of privacy, do not worry about their privacy is leaked, star bubble dome tent can be equipped with electric sunshade, can do with the opening and closing, in the premise of protecting privacy, but also does not affect the user to enjoy the bright starry sky. Of course, compared to the advantages of the product itself, another advantage of the bubble dome greenhouse is also simple to install and build, without professional workers, but also in a short time to achieve rapid installation.

YunTu Tent is committed to creating high-quality tents, made of PC material, with high heat resistance and high impact resistance, like police riot shields and baby bottles mostly used in the material. At the same time in the PC board with UV coating on the surface, can do to block the UV rays, to prevent product aging, to ensure that the furniture in the tent is not damaged by the sun, people are not easy to be sunburned. Waterproof and windproof is not a problem, even if the wind and rain outside, it will not cause you discomfort or inconvenience, you can still lie comfortably in the embrace of nature.

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