The Project Of Chelyabinsk Hydropower Station Ceremony

Mission: In order to ceremoniously start the project of Chelyabinsk hydropower station, a temporary marquee tent will be built. Marquee tent is divided into three areas: the area for holding the opening ceremony, the press conference area and the technology area.


Solution: As a solution, YunTu Tent as the general contractor of temporary marquee commercial tent, provided a landmark “A” shape tent.


Marquee tent length is 150 meters. The main configuration includes hard glass and plastic wallboard, double glass door, carpet floor system, curtain and roof lining, and heating system was installed.


The design width of party tent is 10m. It is mainly used in the press conference area and activity technology area. It is equipped with hard glass and plastic wallboard, double open glass door, carpet floor system, curtain and roof lining, and installed with heating system.


Result: The opening ceremony of Chelyabinsk hydropower station was held grandly and achieved perfect results.

Yuntu puts the most complex projects into practice, provides plans for the highest level of ceremony, and is equipped with the highest level of marquee tent.

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