Prefab House Outdoor Glamping Resort Clear Round Dome Tent For Luxury Staying!

Do you remember how long ago you last watched the starry sky? Travel Farm tent camp, located in the most beautiful ancient village around the Lake, facing the middle sea and a large area of flowers. There are some striking Clear Round Dome Tents, with little light pollution, what an excellent choice for stargazing and moon viewing vacation.

In the warm afternoon, quietly feel the time to slow down that leisurely. Yes, That glamping site and its adjacent landscape, together with the rub into your slow time, just think about it and feel good.

This glamping site of unique clear dome tent structure is very different from the local landscape, but it is this kind of technological abruptness that makes it a very popular place to stay. It is this technological prominence that attracts the attention of visitors. The standard size round dome tent is 6M diameter, floor area about 28.26 sqm, can accommodated in 1-2 peoples. Besides we also have different size, it depends our clients needed. The unique transparent skylight allows to experience the beautiful scenery under the stars. The interior of each clear round dome tent can equipped with a luxurious king-size bed, air conditioning, fireplace and many other modern facilities, allowing guests to enjoy the rich natural landscape while using the convenience. The accessories of the glamping dome tent are all optional, according to customer requirements.

Yuntu dome tent also assembly is easy, which is Weatherproof, rust-proof, 100% recyclable. Our insulation, wood stove and climate control options make them all-season homes. Now grab your friends for a travel getaway and immerse yourself in this special clear round dome tent!

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