Outdoor Glamping Luxury Safari Tent Prairie Resort – Integrated With Nature!

F Morning Tent Hotel is located in the north of China, providing modern and elegant accommodation with restaurant, stargazing platform, etc. It is a treasure land with abundant water and grass, a natural green space and natural glamping site, taking you to open a new way of grassland wild luxury safari tent and residence!


The glamping site encloses 800 miles of prairie, where the grassland is not flat and the tents are built in the depressions. In addition to the safari tents, there are hundreds of fields of flowers, swimming pools and outdoor theaters. Enjoy a relaxing time in the prairie.

Although in the prairie, the safari tent is fully equipped with everything you need, and the arrangement is warm and comfortable. The luxury safari tent is integrated with nature, and the dream of blue sky and white clouds surrounded by wild flowers and grass is achieved at last, and you can enjoy the endless greenery by lying on the bed. The decorations on the bed, such as blanket, pillowcase, cushion bag, etc., are integrated with the Bohemian elements, making people feel free and mysterious. In addition, this luxury safari tent has several windows and screen tents, so you don’t have to worry about air circulation.


YunTu Tent provide a wide range of tent, such as, luxury safari tent, glamping dome tent, heavy duty aluminum event tent. Our safari tents are made of Plywood Wooden Pole Frame with galvanized steel accessories, included all necessary bolts and nuts. And all products are customized according what you need, So just come with and contact us!

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