The Popular Marquee Tents For Outdoor Swimming Pool

Experience the cutting-edge TFS Curved Tent, uniquely designed to offer a blend of modern aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. Ideal for a myriad of events, its distinctive curved shape not only stands out but also provides enhanced durability and space optimization.

The Popular Marquee Tents For Outdoor Swimming Pool

Compared to the closed noisy indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool of direct sunlight. Swimming pool marquee tent abandoned the shortcomings of both, combined with the advantages of both. Let swimmers can swim in both a wide field of vision, bright light environment, but also to avoid the influence of the outside environment.

For materials ,YunTu adopts aluminum alloy structure and PVC tarp. The aluminum alloy frame has better corrosion resistance and stability compared with other materials, steel parts connection, high-frequency welding, base fixing, strong mechanical properties, safe and solid, protecting the structure of the venue from damage. PVC tarpaulin has the advantages of waterproof, windproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, tear resistant, and snow resistant. At the same time, Yuntu also has a variety of colors of tarpaulins to choose from.

The swimming pool marquee tent has a large span, and can provide a variety of spans from 6m-60m. There are no special requirements for the construction site, generally flat ground such as sand, grass, asphalt, concrete and tile ground are available.

Modular aluminum tents structure, easy and fast installation and disassemble. Based on the safety performance, we can design and produce individual tents according to the demand, which are beautiful and practical.

The swimming pool marquee tent can save budget costs in terms of money compared to ordinary traditional buildings. Compared to the same period of construction time, the project period of marquee tent is short, not only easy to install, dismantle quickly, for the future expansion or relocation also has a relative advantage, pool tent, sports tent, etc.

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