Luxury Canvas Safari Tent For Accommodation

Have you ever camped at Luxury Canvas Safari Tent? The noise of the city makes you feel boring, and the pressure of life makes you unable to breathe? Life is in a hurry, why not have fun in time?

The project is located in Xiajiahe, Dalian. It is comfortable and spacious Luxury Canvas Safari Tent Glamping. The smell of grass is mixed with the sea wind. Facing the sea, listen to the wind and waves, forget all troubles and enjoy nature.

When you enter the canvas safari tent site, you will be surprised. It’s like being in the prairie, green and safari tents glamping, which makes people relaxed and happy.There are swings, slides and hobbit huts in the glamping site. Children feel novel and fun.

Each canvas safari tent glamping is equipped with air conditioning, toilet, wooden tables and chairs, gauze curtains, and advanced furniture design. After opening the door curtain, you can see green grass and blue sky.

The canvas safari tent glamping site provides outdoor barbecue. When night falls, walk in the setting sun and dusk. There are bonfires and fireworks after dinner. Lying on the grass at night looking up at the stars is also a romantic thing.

Yuntu provide various size’s canvas safari tent glamping of 4x6m, 5x7m and 5x9m with sufficient accessories and options. And we provide tailored solutions to meet your individual needs and fit your budget.

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