Hotel Dome Tent – Luxury Starry Night Resort

What is the best time in our life? That is certainly going camping in the luxury hotel dome tent, sharing the sweet and sour of life together, and feeling the good times on earth together!  YunTu manufactures provides different size hotel dome tent, also provides customized solution plan to each customer according to their needs.

In the meadow stands a number of tents in different shapes, among which the hotel dome tent created by YunTu, we bring our own deck platform and independent dining space, independent bathroom, convenient for visitors to live and entertainment. The space inside the tent is fully equipped with air-conditioning equipment and standard insulation, which makes the accommodation warm and comfortable all year round. Large windows of transparent PVC material allow light to envelop the entire space. Visitors can look at the starry night sky through the bright PVC and sleep with the sound of insects, then all worries disappear.


Located under the mountains, the YunTu tent, surrounded by romantic hotel dome tents, atmosphere creation, as if in a paradise, underfoot is between the sparkling pools, when the moon climbs up the treetops, the stars, sitting on the lawn in front of the tent, watching an open-air movie, or quietly snuggled in luxury hotel dome tent, counting the stars, talking about life, soothing the tiredness of city people between the mountains and the wilderness.

Hidden mountain pools, forest hotel dome tents full of natural atmosphere, mountain campgrounds where you can hear the sound of waterfalls, under the shade of the leaves, the hot summer sun is shielded from the outside, looking for a cool, enjoy a quiet side, next to the search for flowers, experience the most ambient sense of luxury hotel tents. With sufficient light and bright view, integration with nature, and romantic companionship,which is quite a good choice!

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