Hello Lawson Show With Party Tent

Task: William Lawson image activity party planning. The Venue must accommodate 500 peoples at the same time, including interior decoration.

Solution: In order to ensure the number of people attending the party, YunTu decided to build two “A” shape tents and a polygon tent, Three Pagoda tents. As the height of the stage performance area exceeds 7m, YunTu transformed the top of the stage area into a high peak to meet the needs of the performance. Laying plastic floor and add diesel heating system to maintain indoor temperature ¡® A’ shape marquee tent is fixed with the ballasting system to reduce damage to the ground. Pagoda Tens is used as signature area, photo area and souvenir purchase area. The polygon tent is used for the storage of important equipment and objects. YunTu built different style tents to meet the functional requirements of the party to the greatest extent.

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