Geodesic Dome Tent Villa Is Designed and Built For Stargazing Resort

The site is located in the beautiful Yunnan province, full of Chinese ethnic charm. 12 stars glamping geodesic dome tents, full of romance and wild luxury space, with white domes stand out in the green valley. This glamping dome tents are arranged according to the height of the mountain to ensure that each one gets the most open stargazing view. The overall style inside dome tents is light, bright and very cozy.

About one-third of the glamping geodesic dome tent designed with transparent fabric cover design enables visitors to enjoy the beauty of grassland and the tranquility of the wilderness, grassland, forest, river, racing, watching sunrise and shooting sunset without leaving home.

The geodesic dome shelters adopt modular design, easy transportation, quick construction, no secondary construction, no damage to the environment, and can be put into use quickly. The geodesic dome house system meets the construction requirements of the grassland and satisfies the green tourism demand of living in harmony with nature. The main frame of the geodesic dome tent house is made of galvanized pipe. The fabric membrane of the metal dome building is anti-corrosion and painted. The color of the fabric film can be customized to make the overall frame more beautiful and practical.

Yuntu Tent is a professional company that focuses on production and tent design according to customer needs. Supported by our belief that all you have to do is inside the tent, relax yourself and enjoy being yourself.

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