Dome Tent, A New Life Way To Close Nature

Under the starry sky of YamdrokTso, the heart will be released and the starry sky will be all that is imagined. During the day under the sun, the air is still warm at YamdrokTso until the evening.

After nightfall, although the wind is cold, but the beautiful scenery in front of you is enough to make people feel relaxed. When the twilight fades, accompanied by the clattering sound of the wind blowing on the lake, watch the stars echo with the landscape. The stars emerge, the landscape is silent, the sky and the earth, all peacefully into a dream, into an almost ethereal mood.

What is more surprising is the glamping dome tent, built on the endless prairie, lying in the star room, you can look up to the blue sky and white clouds. At night, lying on the bed with someone you know, you can roam the entire starry galaxy, and write poetry and distant places deeply into your dreams.

The super popular INS style glamping dome tent is currently unique. This eco-friendly resort dome tent, with full interior facilities to watch the falling clouds during the day and the Milky Way starry sky at night, experiences zero distance to nature!

Usually,the glamping owner would like to choose the standard hotel size to be their first choice. Standard hotel size is dia-6m dome tent, area about 28.3 square meters, can accommodate in 1-2 beds, one bathroom.

YunTu Tent manufacturers can provide the customized plan for you and draw the 3D drawing with interior design according to your needs. Most our customers would like to put one double bed, two bedside tables, one round table, two single sofas and one bathroom. All accessories are optional.

Glamping is a wonderful experience. We should maintain our reverence and love for nature, make glamping a way of life and find our own happiness.

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