Bubble Dome Tent Creates Appealing Place For Customers

Summer comes with the sound of robins. It is also a synonymous with a lot of happiness. In this season , with three or five friends , sit in a riverside restaurant to drink some beer, eat some barbecue, talk about each other recent changes. Although the arrival of summer brings beauty but also brings mosquito bites, are you still afraid of mosquito bites and give up to go to the party with friends? Are you still afraid of the scorching sun and stay at home? Come out, come to the star polycarbonate dome, come here to bring you the most unique summer experience.

YunTu Bubble Dome Tent is made of polycarbonate, which has high heat resistance, and non-toxic and tasteless. It is built from light and transparent, yet robust polycarbonate panels, without adding any reinforcing frames. Of course, it¡¯s stable, safe and excellent fire resistance, by using polycarbonate sheet, which is 250 times stronger than glass. Please don¡¯t worry about its life span,the UV coating helps polycarbonate keep clear for over 10 years. Our bubble dome tent is assembled quickly, usually within a few days by 2-4 people. No skilled worker knowledge required.

At the same time the bubble dome tent also uses the aviation aluminum profile, in the field can be safe from snakes and insects at the same time do not have to be afraid of the scorching heat of the sun, rain showers, you can also feel at ease to stay and taste the food. Use bubble dome tent as a dining area or a leisure zone with your favourite book. Watch the night sky without harsh winds or mosques bothering you.

Now, YunTu Tent offers different kinds of polycarbonate dome tent with diameters of 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 4.5m with 2.1m and 5.3m with 2.1m. You can install a king-size bed and a shower room or bathroom in the 4.5m with 2.1m and 5.3m with 2.1m glamping polycarbonate dome tent. Or you can combine two or three bubble tents as a suite. Otherwise, we provide the custom glamping polycarbonate dome tents according to your requirements.

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