Amazing Glamping Hotel – Outdoor Geodesic Domes Glass Tents In Desert!

TD Camp is located in the Tengger Desert, the climate is extremely dry. Here, you can ride a camel in the Tenge desert, ride an SUV in the sand, desert hiking, the variety of activities, and challenging. At night, you can stay in a tent camp and watch the beautiful starry sky and spectacular sunrise. TD Camp is a campsite for influencers, born for high-end atmosphere, and pays attention to customer experience and security. Here are glass dome tents, to provide a different accommodation experience to customers.

Glass dome tents are mainly composed of 5mm thick tempered glass and alluminum alloy frame, with high quality rust and sorrosion resistance. What¡¯s more, our glass igloo dome tents have excellent sound insulation. Don’t worry about noise when you are sleeping or want a quiet environment. Fully transparent outer planet glass dome tent, lying on the bed in this tent, not only can watch the beautiful sunrise, waiting for the first round of red sun rose, from the sky to the sun into a golden, but also can meet the beautiful sunset at dusk, from the residual red blood to the end of the light. When night falls, you can look up and see the vast expanse of stars shining with royal blue.

TD Camp is the real stargazing camp, the stars all over the sky within reach, the camp is just above a magnificent Milky Way. Lying on the bed of sky glass dome tent, you can enjoy the stars all over the sky. Let’s go stargazing under the geodesic domes glass tent when we have the chance.

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