YunTu White Outdoor Waterproof Sport Polygon Tent

The lack of public sports facilities and fitness venues has always been a pain point that restricts the vigorous development of fitness activities for all people everywhere. In the economic and social development, whether the effective supply of fitness venues can be fully considered, is whether the local party government really cares about the fitness needs of the masses, but suffering from the approval and funding problems, but also difficulties. Sports basketball court canopy a good solution, convenient low-cost and other advantages in one activity space.

Aluminum alloy sports event polygon tent is an assembled building, sports polygon event tent is mainly composed of aluminum alloy as the frame and PVC tarpaulin, aluminum alloy frame and tarpaulin are processed in the tent manufacturers to complete tent, each part of the canopy is fixed with bolts, so the polygon tent can be built as long as the installation to the site. Such a sport polygon tent not only saves cost but also saves time, the key is that such a modular installation makes the sport polygon tent can be repeatedly dismantled and used.

Sports event polygon tents are widely used in the field of sports events: basketball tents, soccer field tents, tennis tents, equestrian field tents. The polygon tent can provide 3-50 meters span, the length of unlimited extension of the internal column-free can meet the major events.

Now more and more people recognize the large indoor basketball arena polygon tent, in fact, we think about it except for golf can not be completed indoors, most of the sports can still be carried out indoors. For winter like: curling, ice skating, ice skating, hot springs …… All can choose large indoor tents.

Sports basketball polygon tent without foundation survey, deep excavation and pre-burial processes, can be quickly erected on top of any land and site that can be used in the short and medium term, such as public squares, green areas, open spaces, playgrounds, parks, campgrounds, tourist attractions, vacant building land and land to be developed.

The structure of polygon tent is a space that can be used as any sport, there is no column inside, the whole area can be reasonably divided, there is no much requirement for the ground when building, it can be operated in the park, community or open space in the community, it has different fixing methods to ensure safety, the modular building method can be operated in a short time.

Sports polygon tent is also the future direction of the development of sports field, not only to solve the problem of the venue, but also to make a contribution to our country’s sports career.

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