Will You Dining At Transparent Polycarbonate Bubble Dome Tent?

This is a barbecue shop in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The transparent polycarbonate bubble dome tent is decorated with flowers and green plants, and instantly captures the hearts of all girls. It is full of INS style, which is very suitable for couples, parents and children to dine and take photos


Each polycarbonate bubble dome tent can accommodate 8-10 people. It is equipped with air conditioning to maintain the appropriate temperature in the room. The interior decoration includes luxury chandeliers, double-layer curtains with romantic colors, exquisite tableware and comfortable seats.


At 6 o’clock in the evening, the sunset glow is really beautiful. At night, just look up and you can see the romantic starry sky. The polycarbonate bubble dome tent is dotted with colorful light bands. It is very romantic and dreamy. It is suitable for friends’ parties, birthday parties, proposal parties and lovers’ dates.


Transparent polycarbonate dome tent is made by aviation grade aluminum and polycarbonate imported from Germany. Yuntu¡¯s polycarbonate bubble dome tent is perfect for your guests to staying during cold and dark winter evening. Not only it can used for coffee shop or dinning room as restaurant, but also it can used for guests living inside as hotel room.

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