Unique GYM! Fitness In Geodesic Dome Tent

National fitness has been popularized, but due to the high density of urban buildings, serious noise pollution, not easy to find outdoor venues. Most gyms now provide indoor fitness, indoor fitness certainly has its advantages of easy organization, not subject to environmental interference, but the importance of outdoor fitness venues is also increasingly prominent. To meet the needs of society’s outdoor fitness, Yunyu outdoor fitness geodesic dome tent will be the new direction of choice!

Recently, a gym in Chile is very famous, it is different from the traditional gym, but a geodesic dome tent with a diameter of 25 meters. YunTu manufacturer provides a complete customized plan for it, including flooring, lighting, ventilation etc, which not only solves the problem of outdoor fitness, but also can be better in appearance.

The geodesic dome tent as a creative new product of the tent industry, has a unique shape and flexible and changeable style. The fabric material is made of 850g/sqm white and 650g/sqm transparent double PVC, which is fire retardant and flame retardant. YunTu will choose a comprehensive and perfect solutions for you according to your event needs, to bring you a more practical and comfortable geodesic dome tent experience.

Outdoor fitness geodesic dome tents can be set up in residential green areas, park green and scenic spots. The unique shape of the geodesic dome tent will attract lots of people to join in the sports activities. It not only can become a good place for the residents of entertainment and leisure sports, or a beautiful scenery.

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