City Formula Student Racing Festival And Engineer Trophy Race

Mission: A temporary exhibition tent will be built near VDNKh, the complex area of the world’s largest exhibition hall, museum and Casino, to hold the City Formula Student Racing Festival and engineer trophy race.


Solution: As an important part of many Russian festivals, YunTu tent company designed and provided a series of solutions according to the actual situation, and installed temporary exhibition tent. For the orderly entry of all participating teams, YunTu installed 27 units pagoda tents, with a size of 5x5m. All of them are equipped with wooden floors and lighting systems. At the same time, YunTu installed a curved tent with a width of 10m as a VIP reception area, equipped with glass and plastic wallboards, glass doors, wooden floors and carpets. In order to ensure the comfortable temperature inside the structure, a diesel heating system is installed. Yuntu has installed a 10x 20m curved tent as a training and entertainment area, equipped with wooden floor and aluminum glass entrance door.

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