The Marquee Equestrian Tent Can Be Built Quickly And Reused!

This 20x40m equestrian tent for a horse riding club in China, with the introduction of a number of international events hosted by professional events, equestrianism as a sport with style, which not only includes interaction with horses but also shows an elegant way of life, has led to the rapid development and growth of the related equestrian training market.

As the demand for equestrian sports increases, the demand for spaces is also growing. Our marquee equestrian tent effectively make up for the lack of relevant public stadiums and have short construction period, low cost, rich choice of appearance, multiple venues It has many advantages, such as short construction period, low cost, rich choice of appearance, various venues, rapid expansion, recycling, wind and rain resistance, and all-weather operation. Whether it is sand, grass, or even the roof of a building, we can provide a full process solution. YunTu’s marquee equestrian tents have a large clear span structure with no internal pillar support, which is completely unobstructed for training and has a very high space utilization rate, and is also very suitable for storing horses and training use.

We provide not only marquee tents for equestrian training, but also multi-use areas including viewing area, security check, reception, rest area, dining area, etc., providing you with one-stop solutions.

The marquee equestrian tent can be built quickly without foundation and can be reused. We hope can allow more Chinese families and social groups to participate in this equestrianism sport.

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