The Luxury Safari Tents Growing On The Edge Of The Cliff Above The Stream!

STREAM Glamping Site is built on a mountain, the luxury safari tents growing on the edge of the cliff above the stream. At night, the stars are dotted and the river of stars shines. Here you can see a sea of stars that cannot be seen in the light of the city. When you raise your hand, it is as if the stars appear on the palm of your hand. If you are tired of the same old city life, take time to hide in here and camp out.

YunTu’s Luxury Safari Tent Lodestar uses ¦Õ80mm plywood wood pole frame with galvanized steel accessories as frame material. Outer cover-850g/sqm PVC coated polyester and inner cover-900D oxford cloth fabric, which ensures that your impregnated luxury safari tent breathes and does not get mould. The inner space in luxury safari tent glamping consists separate parts. This allows us to extend your luxury safari tent or replace a part if necessary. The unique end couplings to extend the life of your tent. With an luxury safari tent glamping, your campsite will appeal to a wider range of campers.Our luxury safari tent are not just tents. They offer a different way of vacationing, one that appeals to campers in the upper segment.

YunTu Tent is proud to offer a number of convenient features and amenities that will help you get the most out of your glamping trip. At every safari tent you have clean bathrooms with hot water, access to laundry facilities and friendly YunTu staff to answer any questions you have.Nowadays glamping is the most hottest hotel travel trend, don¡¯t hesitate to contact us if you have the same ideas with us!

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