The Commercial Activity In Serenryany Bor Park

Mission: This is a business planning activity in the picturesque serenryany bor park. A comprehensive commercial tent is installed. The commercial tent is divided into multiple functional areas – entrance area (cloakroom), dressing room and main hall to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature during the whole activity.

Solution: Yuntu has built a comprehensive commercial tent on the territory of serebryany bor Park, with a total area of 600 square meters. For this integrated commercial tent, yuntu uses two types of structures; One “a” shape marquee tent, two pagoda tents – for the entrance (cloakroom) and one dressing room respectively.

As the main structure, marquee “A” shape tent is equipped with glass and plastic wallboard, which makes the structure look advanced. Use the diesel heating system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.Two pagada tents are combined into one functional area.

The main difficulty of this activity is that the ground is uneven and the height difference is more than 750px. Yuntu did a very good job in this project surrounded by trees around the site of serebraryany bor park.

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