The Best Glamping Tents – Square Safari Tent With Bathroom

New Glamping Hotel is building now, the glamping safari tents made by Pogada Roof with the square side wall, we called ‘Safari Tent – Square‘ it boast striking designs, exceptional comfort, luxury, and impressive practicality.

The glamping safari tents range is purpose-built for non-invasive set-ups, allowing you to put your glamping safari tents in previously inaccessible or eco-sensitive areas. It is with rolling up canvas walls, which gives guests a full 360 degree view. Blend in with nature with the square side wall glamping tent and natural interior & exterior colours. The glamping safari tent windows offer exceptional views of the surroundings, whils the reinforced mesh window and door protect you from crawling and flying insects.

This luxurious glamping safari tents was divied living room and bathroom space – offering your guests lavish comfort and convenience. All glamping safari tents are easy to dismantle and require very low maintenance, making them an effective solution for new and expanding existing safari lodges & camps!

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