Temporary Warehouse For Kazakhstan Road Construction

When planning the construction of roads, bridges, commercial buildings, real estate and other major projects, we often have to consider the accommodation and resettlement of construction workers, and the mobile temporary marquee tent is the most perfect solution.


This is Yuntu’s most successful or meaningful case in solving the problem of workers’ accommodation and resettlement and temporary warehouses. This is the case of the middle ring road construction in Kazakhstan. The dimension of the temporary warehouse is 10x25x4m, which can solve the accommodation problem of 20-30 construction workers. The surrounding walls are ABS rigid walls, which effectively resist 8-12 grade hurricane. ABS material has the characteristics of fire prevention. At the same time, warehouse opens four double wings doors, which effectively solves the safety problem of fire escape.


The temporary warehouse uses the ballasting system and is fixed by weight plates around. It does not need to be fixed on the cement floor with screws. It can easily solve the problem of multiple use and multiple construction, and meet the needs of flexible movement of construction projects in the country.

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