Temporary Shed For Subaru Test Drive

In the autumn of 2021, Subaru held an outdoor test drive experience in New York, the United States. Careful planners not only ensured the rich test drive experience of customers, but also did not forget the parking problem of customers’ cars and built temporary tent.

Yuntu designed the temporary ¡°A¡± frame tent for the organizer of Subaru. The tent width is 6 meters, length 50 meters and 6 meters height, and can park 10 cars at the same time.

Yuntu can also customize personalized tents for Subaru. Subaru’s logo is customized on the tents, which will bring greater benefits to customers’ advertising promotion.

Subaru’s outdoor test drive can be said to be a very successful advertising promotion. The cars parked in the temporary shed tent not only avoid the problem of too high temperature in the car caused by direct sunlight, but also Subaru’s employees conduct free testing for customers’ cars. Their considerate service has welcomed customers’ very good reputation.

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