Temporary Event Tent – Stolypin Forum In Mgimo

Mission: Build two temporary event tents near Mgimo in Moscow to hold the second stolepin forum. Each event tent is required to have a podium area and accommodate 200-300 peoples to attend the meeting at the same time.


Decision: YunTu built two event tents with a width of 15 meters and a wall height of 4 meters. In order to prevent the speaker from being disturbed by the outside when working, the careful YunTu designer configures white hard plastic walls in the podium area and glass walls in other places. The semi open event tent design not only protects the privacy of the meeting and increases the high-grade feeling of the whole tent, but also enhances the lighting effect for the room, making the room brighter. The event tent is equipped with carpet floor, power system and lighting system.


Results: YunTu’s working attitude of rapid, timely response and problem-solving in this forum has won high praise from customers.

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