Temporary Commercial Tent For Sibur Polymer Processing Research Center

Mission: Set up a Temporary Commercial Tents for the opening ceremony of the research center


Solution: The solution to this problem is a temporary commercial tent with comprehensive structure. The size of the commercial tent is 15x35x4m. It is equipped with glass wall and ABS hard plastic wall around it. The publicity information of this activity is printed in the top triangle area of commercial tent. The whole commercial tent is equipped with power system and air conditioning system. 

Yuntu’s designer divided the commercial tent into two functional areas. The front area of commercial tent is a balcony, equipped with sofa and table as a waiting area. Another functional area is used as a meeting room. The interior decoration includes white lining and curtain, and the floor is paved with carpet, which fully reflects the solemnity of the meeting. A podium is set up in the conference hall, and the top of the commercial tent is equipped with lighting system and projection equipment to meet the needs of the conference. Meanwhile, YunTu is also equipped with five pagoda tents for the technical area and entrance ticket checking area.

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