Stunning Starry Glamping Dome Tents – Lodging In The Mountain

With the popularity of geodesic dome tents, stars dome tent has been sold all over the world. In early winter, located at the Ba Mian Mountain scenic spot is full of cars parked in the glamping site parking space, and tourists are living in home stays and starry galmping dome tents.


On one hand, stars glamping dome tent appearance, including plain white PVC fabric, half-transparent PVC fabric, transparent PVC fabric, and all glass. The customers can select or customize the different color of PVC fabric.


On the other hand, the interior lining of starry glamping dome tent is made of warm cotton material, as many ventilation windows are designed around the geodesic tent to ensure the air circulation inside, at the same time. There is a skylight on the roof, so you can sleep with your loved ones and enjoy the stars in the night sky. In addition, the interior decoration of the star camping dome tent can be customized according to customers’ requirements.


YunTu Tent is perfect for glamping business, make your glamping resort be the most eye catch one out of all different cabins or glamping lodge. The unique sleeping under star experience definitely will give you a good memory. Your glamping hotel will always be the most popular one with YunTu Tent Dome.

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