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DJY Glamping is an outdoor campground integrating luxury dome tent and outdoor safari tent. The spacious and comfortable accommodation space and the comfortable living environment allow you to truly enjoy the “camping under the stars”.

The geodesic dome tents have a rounded appearance, fashionable design and panoramic transparent bay windows. The beige global appearance is like a pearl set on the emerald pasture, which is integrated with the sea of flowers, starry sky, Danxia and dense forest. Each dome tent contains a double bed, a single bed. It can accommodate three people at the same time, independent bathroom, air conditioning, luxury table, wardrobe and other facilities to provide visitors with excellent accommodation experience. The glamping dome tent also has ventilation holes, so that visitors fully feel the summer cool and comfortable!  The dome tent has a view skylight on the top and a bay window on the side. Such design is to create the original accommodation experience of “sleeping in the scenery”.  You can open the curtains to enjoy the beautiful scenery and lie on the bed to look up at the vast starry sky to truly enjoy the five-star wild luxury accommodation experience under the stars.

YunTu dome tent is made of hot galvanized steel tube with double PVC coated polyester fabric. It has a glass front door, two round windows that can close .Waterproof treatment and double-stitched reinforced sewing applied to prolong its service life. The life time of our dome tent can be used for 8-10 years and more.The geodesic form of the dome tent allows for the most robust design possible to withstand the strong wind (up to 100km/h) or lying snow conditions (max. 75kg/©O).

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