Safari Glamping Tent – Animal Park in the Glamping Site!

The Glamping Site is in the national protected forest park. It takes about 3 hours to drive from Wuhan. From the moment we reach the foot of the forest park, feel that we have really come to the scenic spot. The winding mountain roads along the way are really beautiful. There are many famous scenic spots here, such as Beauty Valley.

Yuntu, as a major builder, is equipped with toilets in every Safari Tent and Glamping Pods. The latest intelligent toilets, air conditioners and water heaters are used as basic configurations, so that customers can enjoy the same service as in the hotel.

The Glamping Site is invested and organized by a large company. It has contracted 150 hectares of forest oxygen bars and 10 hectares of farms. Therefore, it has complete facilities.

There is also a professional off-road vehicle track here. Equipped with a high-grade mountain off-road vehicle, it will definitely make you feel full after a ride. There is also a horse riding club. It is also a very good experience to take your children to learn horse riding.

There is an animal park in the Glamping Site. There are many kinds of animals, like rare alpacas and cute white rabbits , its a good places for children to have a holiday here.

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