Perfect Full Projection Geodesic Dome Tent For Outdoor Events!

The geodesic domes as an outdoor temporary indoor space, with its design concept, novel structure is now widely used in the conference, business meetings, brand exhibitions and other outdoor activities. The geodesic dome tent has more advantages in structure, adopting unique space short-range wire mesh shell structure design, each mesh is more stable triangle, the force performance know stability to achieve the best state, the required pipe fittings volume is smaller, easy to transport and dismantle the preservation.

In order to increase the use area of the projection dome tent, we were manufactured the 25m diameter geodesic dome tent for events in Qatar. Yuntu adheres to the consistent rigorous work attitude, attaches great importance to the safety and application of the 25m projection dome tent, and carries out many trial installations and uses to ensure its stability and safety. 

In addition to the conventional walls, flooring, lighting, ventilation and other comprehensive support, we have been pursuing a more comprehensive experience in the use of experience, combined with the tent using a good shading effect of PVC knife scraping coated fiber cloth, in order to create a more high-end space audio-visual effect, we launched the projection dome theater system. The geodesic dome theater system using on the surface to achieve a special surface of the panoramic image, through the lighting cast and 360 ¡ã panoramic projection dome tent to create a large perspective light effect, coupled with surround sound, the user can 360 ¡ã all-round perception of the sphere projection content, increase the user access to information information, strong visual hit force let the audience a feeling of immersion.

If you have a demand for the price of projection dome tent, it can be customized according to the size of the customer’s site and tailor-made. We can provide you with personalized projection dome tent solutions!

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