Outdoor Transparent PC Dome House Tent – Enjoy Different Glamping Style

The Rainy Mountain Front Camping Group is located in Beijing, with the beautiful River flowing through the village and the majestic mountains surrounding it. Every time you go to a luxury glamping, it is a joyful getaway for people in the city. Some people say that choosing a dome house tent is choosing a life, and staying in a transparent PC dome house is choosing a way of life. Choose an outdoor PC dome house get close to the splendor, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the night under the stars, romantic and intoxicating.


The glamping site fully transparent PC dome house adopts transparent bubble dome structure, crystal clear, and multi-state to the integration of the composite space, can become independent scenery, but also to provide creative functional expansion, placed in the outdoors, but also a beautiful scenery, but also self-contained flow of the popularity of the network. PC dome house tent any specifications between the products can also achieve structural patchwork, multi-scene applications, can create a variety of personalized indoor space, can be used as hotel accommodation, restaurants and bars, leisure lounge, high-end exhibition hall and other applications.


The transparent PC dome tents are not only hard to burn but enjoy super waterproof that no amount of rain will enter the interior of the room. Except for the wind resistance feature which uses the streamlined shape of the dome protects it from direct wind. In addition, the legs of these components are safely buried in the foundation so it can withstand even very violent typhoons. What’s more, the physical insulation of the star room reflects back some of the light while installing heat cooling equipment for energy-saving and cooling purposes.

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