Outdoor Glamping Tents – Natural Life and Wonderful Staying!

Welcome to staying and enjoy natural life at Glamping Tent! The project is located in a resort Valley in Yong’an mountain, Chang’an Town, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, with beautiful scenery and good air. It is known as a natural oxygen bar. Yuntu has installed 6 units glamping dome tents for people luxury staying, it have different size from 6m to 8m diameter, which it is suitable for 1-2 persons or family living. 15 units triangle wood house and 4 units teepee tents in the project, which are equipped with complete and perfect facilities.

In the Glamping Tent site, a starry concert will be held in the evening, and a live show on the mountain will be held. The big screen, atmosphere lights and musical instruments will be used to form a band on site, and perform in front of the campfire. The people participating in the concert will sing together. The atmosphere is very good.

The Glamping Tent site is a large lawn with a wide field of vision and close to the city. Tourists can overlook the night view of the city at night, with complete supporting facilities. In the evening, there are open-air movies and large screens with high-definition pictures to watch movies together, to enjoy the magic evening together.

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