Outdoor Family Safari Tent With Modern And Elegant Accommodation!

In Wuzunbulake Township, Zhaosu County, Ili, Xinjiang, there is a glamping site call Yunbao pasture, which is known as the city of rainbow and the place with the largest number of rainbows in the country in a year.


The pasture covers an area of 200 acres, but there are only 21 family safari tents, just like clouds scattered on the endless grassland. If you encounter dark clouds, it will rain and mist in an instant. After the rain, the rainbow in the sky is like a colorful bridge hanging in the sky. Yunbao ranch is more like a fairy tale castle. It’s the best choice to steal a half day’s leisure in cloud castle.


The indoor area of family safari tent is 65 square meters. It is an extended landscape balcony, which includes a bathroom set, a water heater and a comfortable hot bath, so that you can have a beautiful vacation in the beautiful grassland.


There are mutton barbecue, wild morel chicken soup and so on, allowing you to taste the unique food of the grassland. The family safari tents range is purpose-built for non-invasive set-ups, allowing you to put your family safari lodge tents in previously inaccessible or eco-sensitive areas.


The wood family safari tent is a true classic, but with all the modern and elegant. The real safari tent was the start of glamping. Yuntu tent provide different formats to choose from. To help you out, we have three standard sizes for safari tent. Still looking for a larger family safari tent? Please kindly send email to for more information.

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