Outdoor Family Living Canvas Safari Tent Glamping For Aibnb

In XSBN’s MY Wonderland, there is a YT camp, with nearly a decade of camping operation experience, which can solve most of your worries about camping and is definitely the 7 ceilings of the Xishuangbanna camping session in terms of landscape, facilities, brands, tents, excursions, food, safety, etc.

The perfectly comfortable grass is ideal for pitching the canvas safari tent. YT camp has 7,000 square meters of soft, comfortable grass on which to lie down, play on the spacious grass, fly a kite, read a book or learning yoga. Large green lawns surrounded by pristine rain-forest, a small river flowing past the canvas safari tents, large fields opposite the tents, and looking up at the stars dotted with fireflies dancing along with the spirits!

There are canvas safari tents with a large space of 20 square meters for families. The camp has 6 canvas safari tents, each with a large space. And each tent has a large space of more than 20 square feet, with a height of 3.1 meters, 3 large windows and a mosquito-proof mesh screen. What¡¯s more, each canvas safari tent is equipped with two 1.2m natural latex tatami mats, which together make a large 2.4m tatami bed, allowing you to sleep as much as you want, with more than enough room for two small children. It also has a small terrace where you can watch the stars and have a drink at night.

Build a campfire in the valley or by the river, bring your family and friends, barbecue, sing and dance together and have an open-air movie. YT camp will achieve all your camping imagination.

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