Luxury Wedding Tent on the Bank of Pushkinska

Mission: For the wedding held on the picturesque Bank of Pushkinska, a luxury Wedding Tent must be built, which must accommodate 150 peoples to attend the wedding at the same time. Functional areas include beverage area, stage area and restaurant area.


Solution: The Luxury Wedding Tent is equipped with glass wall, which perfectly improves the advanced feeling of the tent. The entrance is equipped with double glass doors. Light purple sheers are used as lining decoration in the room. Air conditioners are installed to maintain indoor comfortable temperature, and stable power system and lighting system are provided to ensure the normal and smooth progress of wedding activities. Wood flooring shall be laid indoors. Cooperate with the wedding tent planner to arrange the scene. At the same time, YunTu built two awning wedding tents without walls as outdoor stage area and beverage area.

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