Luxury Safari Tent Glamping – New Outdoor Tents For Airbnb!

The device is composed of a set of solid frames, which can be made of aluminum alloy, solid wood and galvanized steel pipe. The solid wood frame is made of camphor pine log with a diameter of 90mm, Q235 galvanized metal connector, safari tent roof made of PVC material, and breathable canvas as inner fabric.

The Safari Tent frame needs to be installed and fixed on the cement floor or on the pre laid wooden deck. The edges of PVC fabric are drilled at a fixed distance, and the PVC fabric is fixed on the wood frame by winding with rope. PVC with elasticity will not wrinkle after tensioning.

Sufficient length is reserved at the bottom of the canvas on all sides of the tent, which we call “skirt”. After the installation of the whole tent, aluminum battens are used to fix and nail the canvas on the deck. Prevent insects and cold air from entering the room through the gap.

The canvas walls on the side of the safari tent are equipped with 60x100cm cloth windows (customers can customize the size of the windows), and a layer of anti mosquito screens are attached to the windows. When you open the window, just roll up the cloth window.

The wall in front of safari tent is attached with a layer of anti mosquito screen window with zipper. In summer, the canvas wall can be hung and anti mosquito screen window can be used to ensure indoor ventilation and prevent mosquitoes from entering the room from the outside.

Customers can assemble the insulation layer according to their needs to ensure that the room is cooler when the air conditioner is open in summer and warmer when the heater is used in winter. Yuntu also provides heaters, toilets and other components.

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