Luxury Proof Pasture Glamping Dome Tent Camp By The Clouds

RE cloud pasture totaled 1,800 acresis, it located in western China. It is a good place to spend the summer, you can see the endless grassland, the sunset and the stars, etc.The scenic area is composed of two major blocks: the Pasture Flower Sea and the Yunshang Flower Street. Here, you can see sika deer, alpaca and other rare animals, but also can taste Tibetan tea, wear Tibetan clothing. Let people linger.

Zoige grassland always gives people a special feeling, it is like music intoxicating people, arousing people’s yearning for poetry and distance. When you are in the vast prairie, there are pasture glamping dome tents at the ranch to make you feel at home.

These pasture glamping dome tents covered by PVC-coated polyester fabric which it is UV-proof, water-proof and flame retardant. It can provide you with a very comfortable and special accommodation experience. A standard pasture glamping dome tent can live 2-3 people, and each tent has its own bathroom, heating and WiFi, so that you can experience the feeling at home. You can bring your family together to experience the vast prairie scenery and the ultimate experience of stargazing from a tent. What a romantic thing it would be to lie on a bed with family in the pasture glamping dome tent at night, looking at the grass and counting the stars.

Bring your family and enjoy the scenery of the ranch.

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