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This glamping tent project is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province. As a local, the Three Gorges Dam does not have to go, but the Hundred Mile Wilderness must go once. Skiing in winter and summer vacation. It is the domestic movie “Love of Hawthorn Tree” Viewfinder, a national 4A scenic spot, a national sports industry demonstration unit and a national water conservancy scenic spot. The best summer resort in Hubei, with 90% vegetation coverage and negative oxygen ions as high as 1.2w/cbm, has always been the first choice for the glamping tent project.

As one of the glamping tent projects of YunTu, the project has built 18 units glamping safari tents, with a size of 5x7m and an indoor area of 30 square meters. The glamping safari tents are configure with anti mosquito screens and windows, and the indoor is equipped with integrated bathroom, air conditioning, retro tables and chairs. With complete facilities, tourists have experienced the same service as in the hotel.

It also made the glamping geodesic dome tents, the size be 6m diameter dome tent for 1-2 people living, floor area be 28.26 square meters, the interior divided living and bathroom space, which it makes the guests staying comfortable and enjoying.

In spring, the flowers of the hundred mile wasteland bloom brightly, with flocks of cattle and sheep. The picnic in spring and summer is very comfortable and pleasant. If you are planning to make glamping business, please feel free to contact us for a best price and solution via Email.

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