Luxury Clear Dome Tent For Reception On The Beach Of Qatar

 The clear Dome Tent project is located on the beach of Qatar, with a total number of 5. It is mainly used for renting private party places. You can hold birthday parties, wedding parties, company parties and business reception in it. Opposite the beach at night is the brightly lit Qatar City, with a very intoxicating scenery.


You can barbecue on the beach, drink while chatting in the sea breeze, and walk and play on the beach. The zipper door of the circular arch is designed at the door of the dome tent. Because this glamping site is on the sand, the technicians of YunTu use steel nails to fix it, and the wind resistance grade of the dome tent is 8-12 grade The indoor floor is paved with ceramic tiles and carpets when necessary, which perfectly shows the luxurious Arab style.


The design of dome tent is half transparent PVC fabric and half white PVC fabric. The transparent area is decorated with red window screens to experience the warm and romantic style of Arabia.


Outdoor luxury dome tent where you can stay warm and comfy even while snow is swirling outside or rain is tapping on the rooftop. This design has an obvious effect on indoor daylighting. The use of lamp belt decoration can effectively enhance the atmosphere at night.

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