Luxury Aluminum Frame Wedding Tent Luxury For Events

Recently, Yuntu build a big wedding tent for outdoor party by the sea, used for outdoor temporary indoor places, with its elegant temperament, unique appearance, become a dazzling focus on the grass.

Big wedding tent for outdoor party is specially tailored for customers, the whole structure is built with aluminum alloy bracket, to solve the problem of easy to cause rust for local environment moisture, the aluminum including hardware accessories are black, the use of paint process, corrosion resistance and durability is very good, it can be up to more than 10 years do not fade. In the appearance design, the selection of diversified structure design and construction, without affecting the original vegetation, the use of polygon and A-shaped awning structure combination of each other, so that the big wedding tent looks more design sense, the surrounding vegetation is added to the beauty of green awning.

Because of the big wedding tent for outdoor party built by the grass, so do not waste the wonderland scenery. In order to let indoor 360 ¡ã no dead fish will view panoramic view, Yuntu equipped transparent glass wall and transparent PVC waterproof cloth top in the tent. During the day, there is no need for lighting, sunlight shines into the wooden floor, the interior is bright and transparent, just like being in the package of nature, comfortable and pleasant.

Overview and advantages of big wedding tent for outdoor party: Built by the grass, beautiful scenery, broad vision. The scaffolding platform system is adopted to solve the difficulties caused by the uneven and high drop of the sea floor, black aluminum alloy frame, paint process to ensure long-term aesthetics and practicability. Fully transparent glass wall, fully transparent PVC waterproof cloth top, good lighting, 360¡ã no blind area large view card wood floor, ensure the ground level and comfortable.

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